August 25, 2015

Maintaining Healthy Skin from the Inside Out

Probiotics are known to be important in maintaining intestinal health, but who knew that they could also promote beautiful, healthy-looking skin?  Probiotics are naturally occurring in your body, but can also be found in yogurt, milk, juices, and is also offered in a pill form that can be taken orally. They work from the inside out, directly stabilizing the digestive system, which in turn promotes healthy skin.

Acne, among other things, is caused by stress, anxiety, hormones, and depression, which increase the amount of bad bacteria in your small intestines.  This change triggers an inflammatory response, causing skin changes such as acne, eczema, atopic dermatitis, and rosacea.  So how do we fight back against the bad bacteria?  Studies suggest that probiotics can help decrease the triggers of acne by balancing the good and bad bacteria in the body.   

Protecting your skin from the sun is one of the most important precautions anyone can take against sun damage and skin cancer.  While wearing sunscreen and hats is essential for sun protection, taking a probiotic can add an additional line of defense.  Studies show that taking probiotic supplement can also decrease water loss and keep skin more hydrated.  It has also been found that probiotic use can decrease thinning of the skin, which will keep the skin firmer.

Kefir, in particular, is a popular source of probiotics that is used to treat wounds that will not heal.  It can be applied to wounds in a gel form and can also be ingested in a drinkable yogurt form.  Probiotics have even been used to prevent and treat antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections such as MRSA, that arise in open wounds. 

Some popular probiotics on the market include Kimchi and Kombucha tea.  Its safe to say that they are a worthy addition to your daily diet!

August 20, 2015

Diminish that double chin!

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Looking to lose that double chin? Look no further! Kybella treatment might be the answer for you!
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February 11, 2015

What? Where? Why?

The idea of getting fillers and/or injectables can be extremely overwhelming and intimidating. Don’t let what you don’t know scare you away.

These products can be used to help reverse the signs of aging and can leave you looking young a youthful.

THE WRINKLE FREEZERS (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin)
Botulinum toxin works beneath the skin’s surface to target underlying muscle activity that is responsible for the formation of those dreaded frown lines and crow’s feet. One of the biggest myths is that you want to start this procedure after the lines from. The truth is Botulinum Toxin is best used as a preventative agent, so lets stop those wrinkles before they have time to start!

THE WRINKLE FILLERS (Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, and Belotero)
These fillers are all composed of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance found in your body. With age your natural level of hyaluronic acid decreases resulting in the loss of youthful smoothness, firmness and elasticity. Fillers will help you smooth wrinkles, sculpt lips, and contour the face.

THE VOLUMIZING FILLERS (Radiesse, Sculptra, and Voluma)
These are thicker fillers that stimulate collagen production. This option is best for patients looking to treat very deep folds, creases, and refill volume that is lost in their mid-face. They provide volume and lift to the cheeks, jowls, and temples.  

Still have questions? Come see us for a cosmetic consult!  Dr. Lily can tell you which products will be best for you.

January 24, 2015

Sugar and Your Skin

Noticing more wrinkles, fine lines or sagging skin? It may be time to put down that ritual morning latte. While aging is a natural bodily process, sugar intake can make the signs of aging more visible. Once consumed, sugar undergoes a process in the body known as glycation, or the binding of sugar with other substances in the skin. Glycation causes inflammation that brings damage to the skin's building blocks: collagen and elastin. Accumulation of damage to these building blocks can give the skin a sallow and even discolored look. This process also generates free radicals that make the skin more susceptible to other types of damage, such as sun exposure and cigarette smoke.

If your skin is prone to acne or rosacea, flare-ups of these conditions can increase in frequency and severity with the consumption of sugar due to the inflammatory response that occurs in the skin. High levels of sugar also trigger the release of hormones that increase the production of oil that can feed the bacteria responsible for acne.

Keeping track of sugar intake is hard when you consider that sugar exists in most of the food and drinks that we consume. When we hear things like 'the amount of sugar in an Arizona Green Tea is equal to about 20 Hershey's Kisses,' we begin to question our perception of just how much sugar we intake on a  daily basis. While the idea of completely cutting out sugar is a task much easier said than done, there are ways to get started. Seeking out alternatives to the white stuff, such as date sugar or coconut sugar, provides the sweetness with more nutritional benefits. A variety of beauty products in the form of serums, make up, and sunscreens contain ingredients that work to fight glycation and encourage the production of collagen and elastin.

Dr. Lily can go over your diet with you in our new skin detox program!

January 6, 2015

Stop Treating Your Adult Acne Like a Teenager!

 Growing up isn’t just about getting a job, getting married, paying bills etc. It’s also about knowing how to take care of yourself. The breakouts you experienced when you were younger are much different than the breakouts you’re experiencing now. The products you use and how you treat your breakouts have to be suitable for your age.

No more Drying Products!
When you were younger you probably reached for products formulated to dry out those blemishes with antibacterial ingredients, and they probably worked. However, as we age acne tends to go away on it’s own, but in our minds we believe those drying products deserve all the credit, we are very wrong. As our skin ages those same acne products we were using in our teens will do more harm than good for us. They will dry out your skin leaving it in an unhealthy state and could accelerate the arrival of wrinkles!  What you want to be using is a cleanser with glycolic acid, which will act an exfoliator to destroy acne-causing bacteria from your skin without over drying. The IS Clinical Cleansing Complex is perfect for this.  It is effective, but not drying so even those with sensitive skin would love this product.

Forget about past skin concerns
Make sure you are treating your current skin concerns based on what’s going on in the present vs. what occurred in the past. Your acne now opposed to your acne when you were a teen is probably not as severe or wide spread, so instead of applying acne treatments to your entire face try applying it as a spot treatment instead. The Glytone Acne 3P Gel is great for this! Its non-irritating formula helps clear acne, blackheads, and white heads. It also helps keep your skin clear of new acne blemishes while allowing the skin to heal from past breakouts.

Exfoliate and Hydrate
One of the hardest parts of dealing with adult acne is that you are also dealing with aging skin. You don’t only want to keep the skin clear you want it to appear youthful and radiant as well. The key to this is exfoliating and moisturizing! The reason you need to exfoliate is to get rid of that dead layer of skin in order to unclog your pores and prevent breakouts. Exfoliating also encourages the production f new, healthy, fresher skin cells! The SkinKure microdermabrasion scrub is our go to product for this; it will leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth after every use, which will allow your skin to properly absorb your other products including your moisturizer. Staying moisturized is vital to keep your skin youthful. One of our favorite moisturizers is Epionce Renewal Facial Lotion; it’s perfect for normal to combination skin types. It is lightweight and moisturizes without leaving you feeling greasy, and makes your skin appear smoother and softer.

If you still aren’t sure what you should be using call and setup an appointment for a skincare consult with our Master Esthetician. She can help you get on a regimen based on your skin type and concerns.

November 12, 2014

Guide To: Under-Eye Care

If you want to stay looking younger longer it’s vital to take extra special care of the skin around your eyes. The eye area can be a big giveaway of aging, lack of sleep, overindulgence of food and alcohol, and your overall wellness.  I cannot stress to you enough how important it is to be diligent and consistent with under eye care. No matter what your concerns are with the area around your eyes we’re here to help!

Is the skin around your eyes feeling dry?
This is an issue you want to address right away because the skin around your eyes is so thin and sensitive, having it be dry as well can increase the likelihood of wrinkles! So be sure to look for products that will hydrate as well as build collagen. One of our favorite products for this issue would be SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair. This product will help improve the smoothness and hydration around the eyes, which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also be sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day to keep your skin-hydrated form the inside out!

Are you noticing an increase in fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area?
Diminishing wrinkles around the eyes can really take years off of your appearance. A favorite here in the office for this issue would be IS Clinical Youth Eye Complex. This product is great for improving hydration, firmness, and elasticity around the eye area, which will give you smooth tighter looking skin around the eyes. It also helps strengthen/thicken the delicate skin and offers immediate and long-term results.

Are you suffering from the dreaded dark circles?
Sometimes no matter how much sleep you get some people can’t shake the dreaded under eye circles. Having dark under-eye circles cannot only age you, but it can make you appear tired and under the weather even when you’re completely rested and healthy.  IS Clinical C Eye gel is a miracle in a bottle. It not only reverses signs of aging, but it works to brighten those unwanted dark under-eye circles. It is the perfect product for toning, brightening, and anti-aging when it comes to under-eye care.

Feel like your eye area is becoming hollow with age?
For those of you suffering from eyes that look sunken and hollow we have the perfect fix for you. Fillers can be used to reverse this issue. The filler will give you a much fuller, tight, wrinkle free eye area, which will not only take years off but it will brighten and open up your entire face with the slightest amount. Come in for a consultation to determine which filler would be best for you. 

November 8, 2014

Guide to bringing Sexy Back

Acne is never any fun, but when it’s on your face you at least have the option of covering it up. When it comes to acne in other areas, such as your back it’s not that easy. These are a few of our favorite products and services that can help you achieve that sexy back you’ve always wanted! Bacne and back fat are the worst, so let us help you get rid of both!

 The Product:
Glytone Back Spray is a saving grace when it comes to keeping the back acne-free. The 2% salicylic acid sloughs away dead skin cells and deeply cleanses the pores for healing and prevention of current and future breakouts. It can even be sprayed upside down so you can get all the hard-to-reach spots!

The Tool:
We absolutely love the Clairsonic Pro already, but with the Clairsonic Body Brush Extension Handle we love it even more! The Clairsonic pro leaves your face feeling clean and silky-smooth, and now your back can feel the same with the addition of the extension handle. The handle helps you access all of those hard-to-reach areas and thoroughly clears out pores.

The Back Facial:
The ultimate back deep pore treatment will honestly do wonders for you. Let our master esthetician, Murrissa, clean out all of those clogged pores that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach. Having a treatment like this done once a month can really improve any bacne issues you’ve been struggling with. 

Reshape your back:
No one likes to have extra bulges where they shouldn’t be. Back fat or what we like to call “bra fat” is a big concern. It is one of those areas that are extremely stubborn and hard to get rid of, but with CoolSculpting you can kiss that extra-unwanted fat goodbye for good!  CoolSculpting can permanently rid you of unwanted fat without surgery or downtime.Come in for a consult and see our amazing back transformations.

Follow these steps and you’re on your way to bringing sexy BACK!