June 28, 2012

3 Ways To Open Up Your Eyes!

The eyes are a feature often unplayed and forgotten about. Many of us are guilty of swiping a thin coat of mascara on in the car on the way into work and that’s all until it’s time to take it off at night. 
Listen up! There is a quick, 3-step system to wake up your eyes without it occupying an extra 20 minutes every morning. 
Skip the shadow and dust on translucent powder (Makeup Forever HD Finishing Powder) onto your eyelids (this is just to absorb oil throughout the day). This also will help eliminate mascara from your lashes rubbing off below your eyebrows. 
Next, take a pencil eyeliner (MAC Technakohl in ‘Photogravure‘ is 
the perfect go-to color), this is the easiest to use on the go. Apply onto your lower lash line and blend with a brush or Q-tip to achieve a smoky look. Avoid black eyeliner because this can have a harsh appearance and be harder to soften up. 
The final step in this 3-step process is to apply a generous amount of mascara on your top eyelashes. Never, ever put mascara on your bottom eyelashes. It looks messy and will make your delicate bottom lashes stick together for a not-so-glamorous end result! L’Orèal Voluminous Mascara in ‘Carbon Black’ is great for layering without product build up on your lashes. 

Health Officials Warn Of Disease Risk At Beaches & Pools

If you develop a rash after spending time at the beach, pool or lake... Please see your Dermatologist or Primary Care Physician.

Health officials, groups warn of disease risk at beaches and lakes.

The Wall Street Journal (6/28, Landro) "Health Blog" reports that many environmental groups and public-health agencies are currently warning of growing risks of contracting disease at beaches and lakes because of contamination resulting from storm-water runoff, sewage pollution and other causes. The blog post mentions, for example, that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported a significant increase in recent years in the number of illnesses and infections contracted through contact with recreational water.
        The New York Times (6/28, A20, Foderaro, Subscription Publication) notes that a report on water quality at the nation's beaches recently released by the Natural Resources Defense Council "has found that the number of closings and advisories from contamination concerns at New York State beaches rose sharply last year. It also warns that a new standard proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency could inadequately protect beachgoers." The report notes that "the findings in New York were in line with the national picture, which showed heavy rains causing sewage pollution and storm water runoff and prompting the third-highest number of closing and advisory days since the group began tracking recreational water more than 20 years ago."
        The AP (6/28, Subscription Publication) notes that the NRDC report mentions that Tropical Storm Irene caused a number of problems for beaches last year, forcing some beaches to close or prompting warnings at a rate almost double that of the previous year due to concerns about pollution.
        The New York Times (6/28, Slivka) "Green" blog reports that the most useful part of the NRDC report is "the group's one- to five-star rating system for 200 popular beaches, based on the amount of water testing done at the beach, the number of closings because of poor water quality, how quickly it is closed on low-water-quality days and the issuing of advisories. A map released with the report allows beachgoers to search for beaches in their ZIP code and check the council's assessment."
        The Los Angeles Times (6/28, Barboza) "L.A. Now" blog mentions that according to the report, the top source of contamination in recreational water "is runoff that is swept into the ocean by rainfall or irrigation, accounting for about 47% of the beach pollution last year. Beaches along the Gulf of Mexico continued to be hit with closures and advisories related to the 2010 oil spill."
        The Detroit Free Press (6/28, Bly) adds that the NRDC report "found that water quality at America's beaches remained largely stable last year, with 8% of water samples violating public health standards, the same as the previous year. But there were 23,481 closing and advisory days in 2011, the third-highest level since NRDC began compiling their reports in 1990." Reuters (6/28, Ebrahim), the CNN (6/28, Wadas-Willingham) "The Chart" blog, and HealthDay (6/28, Gray) offer similar coverage.

June 21, 2012

Filler-Free Tips For Full Lips

For those who want to make their lips look and feel more luscious, cosmetic treatments like lip fillers are a great option; however, for those who are interested in less invasive, more natural options, listen up! You can make your lips look fuller with a tool you probably already have: lip liner. To make your lip look like it has more volume, start by lining the lip line, or vermilion border, with a shade 1-2 shade(s) deeper than your natural lip color. This should be a nude tone lip liner. Shade the inner lip in with a shade that is just a tad lighter than your natural lip color. This will create the illusion that your bottom lip is plump. Finish with a pale pink or beige gloss. Remember, the darker the color, the smaller it will make your lips look. If you have thin or thinning lips stay clear from dark liner and lip colors. Dark colors generally add age to your entire look, so wear it in moderation if you choose to do so! 

One last trick to perfect your lips without a cosmetic procedure: take your highlighter (usually a luminizing powder or pencil used to pronounce the high points on the face) and put a small amount on your cupid’s bow (the “v” on your upper lip). After applied, blend into the skin with an angled brush. 

June 18, 2012

Traveling Made Easy!

For many women (and men!) packing before a trip can be a feather-ruffling experience. Nobody likes leaving behind their favorite hair and skincare products just because of the “3 fluid oz. or less” rule implemented by the FAA. Here are a few tips to keep you looking your best when you travel.
  • No product left behind! Companies like Bobbi Brown and MAC Cosmetics are now making 'empties' which allow you to bring all your favorites along with you! All the ‘empties’ are compliant with FAA guidelines, so you'll be able to stick to your skincare regimen and get through security.
  • Your makeup doesn’t have to stray because you’re on a plane! Carry an all-in-one palette on the plane for touch ups. Cosmetic companies are now selling combination palettes that contain a tinted moisturizer (or foundation), bronzer, blush, mascara, and lip gloss all in one small container. Check out Benefit’s Cabana Glama palette, $36 @ benefitcosmetics.com. Your makeup will look just as good as when you put it on when you left your house. You can go straight from the plane onto enjoying your getaway! 
  • Do not spend a lot of time on your hair before departing, it won’t look the same when you arrive at your destination. Take damp hair and put into a semi-loose braid. When you get to your destination, take your hair out to reveal beach waves. Set with a little hair spray and a texturizing balm and you'll be ready to go!
Hopefully these tips make your next retreat a little more enjoyable! 

June 7, 2012

Must Haves For Summer (And Year Round!)

Start your summer off right by checking out this list of must-haves and favorite products!

TOM FORD Make-up Brushes: These are a little pricey but absolutely worth every penny. The stark white bristles are super soft and apply/blend products to perfection. They will keep you camera-ready from day to night! Bonus: if these bristles fall off the brush and stick on your skin, they aren’t noticeable!

NEON Nail Varnish: Neons are 100% back for Spring/Summer 2012. Wearing a florescent blouse might not be for all of us, but the perfect alternative is wearing a neon nail polish. Try wearing fuchsia with a nude sandal; it’ll leave you wondering why you never tried it before! I like ORLY’s ‘Cabana Boy’.
Supreme Moisturizer: Supple, glowing skin is a year-round essential. My all-time favorite body moisturizer is Avène Trixèra Emollient Balm (available at my McLean office). For the best results, use a sugar scrub (such as LANARI’s Best Ever Sugar Scrub) before moisturizing to get rid of any dead skin cells and guarantee your maximum glow!

Tweezerman Folding Ilashcomb: This is a dual-purpose makeup bag essential. Comb through eyelashes after mascara application to eliminate clumps and use to keep stray eyebrow hairs in line.

Bosica Blotting Linens: Some of us notice more oil (specifically in the T-zone) during summer days than we do in the winter. Keep blotting linens easily accessible and blot anytime you feel oily. There is a noticeable difference between shine and oiliness. Shine is a healthy glow and does not interfere with your makeup. Oil will breakup your foundation and face makeup during the day and it may seem as if your makeup dissolved. Blotting linens are most beneficial to oily skin.


June 6, 2012

Glossy, Glossier & Glossiest

In every woman’s makeup collection, one thing there is a surplus of is lip gloss. What draws us to this fascination with lip gloss, anyway? I will have to say it’s the vast array of colors, from warm corals to bubblegum pinks.. they’re all visually captivating! 
Some of us aren’t bothered by whether the gloss is thick, thin, sticky or tacky. If you have no preference on the texture, remember that the thickness of the gloss will determine the amount of shine it has. Below are some examples of brands to possibly help you next time you’re shopping for a gloss. 

Laura Mercier Lip Glacè, Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss     & Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss
(medium texture)
CHANEL Glossimer, Christian DIOR Ultra Gloss & Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss
MAC Cosmetics Lipglass, Smashbox Reflection High Shine Gloss & Bare Escentuals BUXOM Lip Gloss
One more thing to consider, look at the amount of sparkle in the gloss. Some have very small iridescent pieces, some have much larger pieces of glitter. The problem with large pieces of glitter is that after the gloss wears off, the glitter is stuck onto your lip and it becomes very noticeable!

June 5, 2012

June 4, 2012

Summer Is Here! Time To Retire Your Winter Makeup Shades!

Spring weekends are all about spending time outside with friends and family, even with the proper sun protection you will begin to notice a sun-kissed glow. This glow means the foundation, concealer and blush colors that you have worn all winter long will need to be retired for the summer to maintain picture-perfect make-up. Even if you don’t recognize an overnight change in your skin color, it’s only natural your skin is a shade or two deeper in the summertime. 
A great alternative to changing your foundation color throughout the summer, try a tinted moisturizer. One shade fits all tinted moisturizers are going to even skin tone and provide sun protection all in one. I like Revision Skincare Intellishade SPF 45. As for blush, try a bronzer for a change in the summer months. Bronzer should not be more than a shade or two darker than your skin color or it will look muddy. Sweep the product in a “C” motion from the temple onto the cheeks and blend onto the jawline. 
So, for your concealer, foundation & blush make sure you have both summer & winter shades that best fit your skin!

June 1, 2012

A Product Worth Investing In!

Washing your face usually consists of a cleanser and a wash cloth... until now. A revolutionary product in skin care is the Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System. What makes it an advanced skin care tool? Sonic skin cleansing is a rotating brush head that makes 300 movements per second to easily sweep away oil and make-up 6x better than washing alone. After cleansing with the Clarisonic and sloughing away dead skin cells, your key ingredients from moisturizers and other products will be absorbed better as well.