December 28, 2013

Fractional Laser Considered Safe & Effective for Treating Scars

Fractional laser resurfacing has brought new hope to thousands of patients suffering with debilitating scars. Patients are experiencing dramatic improvement in the appearance of scars with just one treatment. Think you'd be a good candidate? Let Dr. Lily construct a treatment plan for you.

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December 27, 2013

Cosmetics are Not Only for Women

Myth: Cosmetic treatments are only for women.
Fact: Men get cosmetic treatments all the time.

The goal of cosmetic procedures is to make individuals look like refreshed versions of themselves. Men and women require different treatment approaches because they have different facial structures. Simply, men and women age differently. There is no “one size fits all” approach to cosmetic treatments. My secret to treating men with cosmetics is tailoring the treatment to their masculine features so they do not look overdone or feminine. 

Whether you are a gentlemen who is unaware of your cosmetic options, or a girl who’s trying to think of a gift idea for her guy, you should consider the following treatments this season:

Botox: the most common cosmetic treatment among men
The injection of Botox into facial muscles temporarily relaxes the muscles in the face and reduces the appearance of fine lines caused by facial activity. Etched in frown lines between your eyebrows and around your eyes can make you look fatigued, aged, or unhappy. Reducing the appearance of fine lines with Botox is safe, easy, quick, and will make you look rested!

CoolSculpting: permanent fat loss. No needles. No downtime. No joke.
Are you sick of bulges on your abdomen? Flanks? Arms? Thighs? Whether you hit the gym or not, we can permanently freeze fat cells with this non-surgical, non-invasive treatment. There is no anesthesia, downtime, needles, or pain. This device gives you liposuction-like results without all the hassle and risk of invasive treatments. With each one-hour treatment 20% of fat cells are permanently deleted! Come in on your lunch break to finally get rid of that unwanted fat! It’s so relaxing that we have you watch a movie and relax during treatment. Treatments are convenient performed Monday through Saturday!

Fillers: noninvasive facial enhancement
Injectable fillers are used to reduce the appearance of volume loss naturally caused by aging. Enhancing the facial structure with fillers can make individuals look like refreshed and youthful versions of themselves. Treatments are tailored to facial structures depending on how they have naturally aged. Men often get fillers on the lower half of the face to strengthen the jawline. This treatment can be performed in minutes!

Laser treatments: take years off your skin
Our most popular laser the Fraxel laser. This laser treatment is a great option for men who do not want to deal with a lot of upkeep. Fraxel treats acne scars, brown spots caused by sun damage, and fine lines by resurfacing the skin. Laser resurfacing will also tighten the skin. Treat your face, chest, hands, back, and more! Less than a week of downtime will take years off of your skin. Our pulsed dye laser could also be for you; this painless treatment will reduce the appearance of skin redness and broken blood vessels that cannot otherwise be treated.

Chemical peels & Microdermabrasions: spa treatments for everyone
Performed by our medical esthetician these non-invasive treatments treat skin discoloration, acne scars, enlarged pores, and more. All spa services are listed on our spa website,

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December 17, 2013

How to: Clean Your Makeup Brushes

You should clean your makeup brushes every three months to avoid excess oils, bacteria, and residual bits of makeup from transferring onto your skin. Debris from dirty brushes can cause acne, clogged pores, or rashes.

Follow these quick and easy steps to clean and preserve your brushes:

1.  Swirl makeup brush in a shallow bowl filled with warm water and any shampoo

2. Swirl the brush on a towel to remove excess makeup

3. Rinse under warm water until all lather is gone

4. Reshape the bristles and lay your brush to dry on a towel

December 12, 2013

Tiny Bumps Under Your Skin?

So, you have your new skin care routine down to a science and your skin looks one hundred times better.  It’s clearer and you’ve lost that angry red color, but for some reason you can’t get that smooth feel.  There seems to be these bumps that won’t go away, no matter how hard you try.  Why?

There are a few different types of acne.  There are the inflammatory and red pustules, cystic and painful acne and then there are comedones.  Comedones are bumps that are located underneath the skin and they do not respond to topical acne treatments.  Essentially, they are clogged pores, so unclogging them is the only way to get rid of them.  This can be done with a deep pore facial or microdermabrasion.

Contact McLean Dermatology & Skincare Center for the best treatment for your skin.  Remember, not all facials are created equal.  At McLean Dermatology & Skincare Center a Medical Esthetician will perform your treatment with the most advanced ingredients and devices.

December 11, 2013

Do you know the difference between Ointments, Creams, and Lotions?

Ointments are oil-based (80% oil and 20% water) and preservative free. They are the most absorbent and provide an occlusive barrier on the skin that prevents moisture loss, allowing the greatest benefit.  The greasier the better, especially with dry, cracked skin.  They are also good for allergic skin, sensitive skin and for skin that is not going to easily absorb, like psoriasis.  To improve efficacy, you can even use a covering over the area.  For example, if you have dry and cracked knuckles, apply the ointment and put on gloves.

Creams (50% oil and 50% water) are non-greasy and disappear when rubbed in. Typically a patient favorite, creams are useful when it might not be cosmetically appealing or realistic to use an ointment, such as on the face or under clothes, which might cause them to get ruined.  However, they wash off easily and contain both preservatives and alcohol with can burn on allergic or cracked skin.

Lotions are similar to creams, but they are lighter and less thick.  Their absorption is very fast.  Most over-the-counter body moisturizers are lotions but they are terrible because they absorb quickly and evaporate just as quickly.  The skin is then left just as dry as before.  They do not form the emollient barrier that makes an ointment so effective.

So, what treatment is right for you?  It depends on the skin condition, but as a general rule choose something in a tub, not a pump.

Written by: Gina Coons, PA Student, GWU