June 4, 2012

Summer Is Here! Time To Retire Your Winter Makeup Shades!

Spring weekends are all about spending time outside with friends and family, even with the proper sun protection you will begin to notice a sun-kissed glow. This glow means the foundation, concealer and blush colors that you have worn all winter long will need to be retired for the summer to maintain picture-perfect make-up. Even if you don’t recognize an overnight change in your skin color, it’s only natural your skin is a shade or two deeper in the summertime. 
A great alternative to changing your foundation color throughout the summer, try a tinted moisturizer. One shade fits all tinted moisturizers are going to even skin tone and provide sun protection all in one. I like Revision Skincare Intellishade SPF 45. As for blush, try a bronzer for a change in the summer months. Bronzer should not be more than a shade or two darker than your skin color or it will look muddy. Sweep the product in a “C” motion from the temple onto the cheeks and blend onto the jawline. 
So, for your concealer, foundation & blush make sure you have both summer & winter shades that best fit your skin!

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