October 26, 2012

The Trick to Getting a Plumper Lip

Full, luscious lips – everyone wants them, but not all are willing to go under the needle to get them.  Here are some tips to a plump lip.

Tip 1: Adding a liner to any lip gives it a fuller look instantly.  Don’t have a liner?  Use the pointy end of your lipstick to get an even and defined line.

Tip 2: Cover your entire lip, top and bottom, with an even coat of color.  Ever wonder what that tissue is for?  Blotting your lipstick gives it the ultimate staying power.

Tip 3:  Do you know where your cupid’s bow is?  Using a clear gloss or lip liner, draw under and above where your lips contour. The shiny gloss will bring attention to your lips instantly.

Tip 4: Last but certainly not least, draw a heart shape on the center of your lips with your clear gloss.  For easy on the go color + gloss all in one, get a lipstain with gloss like Mac’s Lip Glass.

Still not plump enough?  Before putting on any makeup, try generously applying a lip plumper, leaving on for a couple minutes, and then wiping off.  This will give your lips the exact look and feel of ultimate fullness. 

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