December 31, 2012

Eyebrow Transplants - What Women are Turning to for Fuller Brows

Over the years people have noticed that the persistent plucking and weekly waxing have led to thinner eyebrows.  Filling them in with a pencil has become monotonous and tattoos are just not an option, they look fake.  Those who are experiencing this have turned to transplants.

When it comes to eyebrows, thin is no longer in.  Full, thick, dark eyebrows have become the standard for celebrities.  Kim Kardashian, eyebrow icon, has set the bar for dramatic and bold brows.

Unfortunately we all are not blessed with her thick eyebrows and her makeup artist, we have the option of an eyebrow transplant.  Very similar to the transplant of head hairs, eyebrow transplants can be created using hair from your arms, legs, or nape of your neck.  These hairs are resemble both the look and texture of your eyebrows.  The procedure is tedious though with each hair being transplanted individually,  procedures last approximately 2-3 hours. The quick turnaround time is what makes this a great option with results in as little as three weeks.  The cost of transplants can be pricey, ranging anywhere between $6,000 - $8,000.  Before you schedule your consult, however, topicals are always an option worth trying. Come in to our office for an eyebrow evaluation if you feel your eyebrows need a lift!


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