January 8, 2014

Designer Bracelet Protects Against Sun-damaged Skin

Yes, it is 8 degrees outside right now. However, spring is right around the corner which means the sun is about to make its damaging debut. 

"The new June Bracelet, designed by Louis Vuitton and Harry Winston collaborator Camille Toupet, is a gem-like sensor that tracks sun exposure in real time. It syncs its findings to an app on your smartphone and gives advice about how much sunscreen to apply and whether it might be time to cover up with a hat and shades."

The June Bracelet is not available for another five months but it promises the utmost protection against the sun's harmful UV rays which causes premature skin aging and skin damage.

To learn more about the June Bracelet and healthy options to getting your Vitamin D intake, visit the article here

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  1. This is one more innovation of fashion industry. Skin protection from sunrays is a major concern for almost everyone. I hope that this designer inspired bracelet will really help in skin protection. Thanks for information.
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